It's not uncommon to be concerned about excessive wear and use at lease-end. But if you purchased Excess Wear & Use Protection, you should be in great shape to avoid most charges.
As a reminder, you're covered for:
  • Each eligible event valued at $1,000 or less
  • Each eligible missing part or equipment valued at $200 or less
  • Up to $5,000 in excess wear and use charges1

1 Plan does not waive excess mileage. Please see your Excess Wear & Use Lease Addendum for full details on terms, limitations and exclusions.

If you didn't purchase Excess Wear & Use Protection, we'll still be here to help. Our biggest recommendation would be to call and schedule a complimentary inspection appointment with AutoVIN. That way you can fix any damage and there won't be surprises at lease-end.
If you're not sure if you need an inspection, take a look at some of the items that may be considered excessive wear and use:
  • A single scratch, or accumulation of scratches, greater than the size of credit card that penetrate the paint
  • A single dent greater than the size of a credit card
  • Previous repairs performed poorly or unrepaired collision damage
  • Windshield cracks, stars, or bull's-eyes
  • Damaged, broken, or non-factory tinted glass
  • Bent, broken, or missing lights, turn signals, mirrors, or lamps
  • Tires with exposed cords or sidewall damage
  • Tires or wheels that do not meet manufacturer's guidelines for safe operation
  • Missing or damaged wheel covers
  • Wheel gouges greater than 1 inch
  • A single cut, tear, burn, or stain greater than the size of a credit card
  • An accumulation of cuts, tears, burns or stains greater than the size of a credit card
  • Missing keys/remotes
  • Missing parts or accessories (shifter knob, headrests, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)
  • Inoperative, malfunctioning, or broken parts or equipment
  • Any modifications not on the vehicle at lease inception

Wear and Use FAQs

It probably seems obvious, but damage that is beyond normal wear and use is considered excessive.

If it helps to see some examples of what's considered excessive, check out our Wear and Use Guidelines. We also recommend reviewing your lease agreement as it includes additional excess wear and use information specific to your vehicle.

Just a heads-up, though, the examples provided may not include all instances of excessive damage that could subject you to additional charges based on the terms of your lease agreement.

Of course. In fact, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary inspection and to review the Wear and Use Guidelines to see whether your vehicle has wear and use that is considered excessive.

If repair work is needed and you'd like to make repairs prior to turning in the vehicle, your local Toyota dealer is a great option to assist you. Be sure to keep all of your receipts for repairs made and review your insurance policy to see if any items may be covered.

If your damages exceeding normal wear and use aren't repaired, it can result in charges at lease termination.2 All charges may be subject to sales tax.

2 If repairs are made to your vehicle, you or the dealer may request an inspection upon turn-in. Under certain circumstances, TFS does not charge its lease customers for excess wear and use damage. See your lease agreement for additional information.

If you think you may have excessive wear and use, then scheduling an inspection is a smart idea. Just give AutoVIN, an independent inspection company a call.

Benefits of an inspection:

  • You'll receive a downloadable condition report based on your assessment
  • Your inspection can take place at your preferred location
  • You'll be in a good position to make well-informed decisions at lease-end

Inspection FAQs

This is a complimentary service conducted by an independent inspection company to assess the condition of your vehicle and provide an estimate of wear and use charges that could be due at lease-end.

3 Available only to TFS lease customers who reside within the continental United States.

It's super easy. You can either call (855) 40-MY-TFS or visit AutoVIN 15 to 60 days before your lease ends to schedule an appointment.

Just remember to have your VIN number and TFS account number if you want to make your appointment online.

AutoVIN, an independent inspection company, conducts the inspection.

All AutoVIN inspectors undergo training to ensure that vehicles are inspected according to the TFS Wear and Use Guidelines.

Get ready for an answer you'll like. An inspector from AutoVin will come to you and will usually finish the inspection in less than an hour.

For a complete inspection you'll need:

  • Tool kit and spare tire, if applicable
  • All sets of keys (masters/remotes/valet), if applicable
  • Owner's Manuals
  • Any original equipment on your vehicle at lease inception (radio, headrests, 3rd row seat, tonneau/cargo cover, etc.)

At the end of your inspection, you'll receive a card with instructions for how to access your condition report online.

After two business days, your vehicle's condition report (an itemized assessment of any estimated normal and excessive wear and use found on your vehicle) will be available online. You can view it by logging into your account at AutoVIN.

If you choose to make repairs based on your condition report, contact TFS at 1-800-286-0652 to request that an additional inspection take place once you complete the repairs.